We provide a drafting service to supply you with a complete set of plans for your project. The more information the builder and sub-trades have, the more accurate the quotes are and the better the job will be.

Contract Drafting

Our Drafting can provide an outsourced drafting service for Builders, Architects, and Engineers. Drawings are produced using AutoCAD, using your setup or we can create a CAD standard for you.

We can deliver quality drawings at a fixed price, on time for customers anywhere in Australia or the South Pacific. We value our customers as a satisfied customer is our best form of advertisement.

Builders – we tailor the set of drawing to reflect the individual builder’s style of construction. The materials and construction details specified in the drawings are the preferred materials used by the builder and details and specifications and reflect their style of construction.

Architects – we work with Architects preparing complete documentation for large houses and unit developments. Accurate drawings and details to allow the builders create the building the architect envisaged.